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Dojoons reaction was fucking disgusting, and the MC was an ass because he KNEW people were gonna react that way. The fact that he was still laughing and being immature as fuck when she had gotten right next to him just makes it even worse. Ugh, props to her for taking it well, I probably would’ve punched one of them in the face or cried. It’s such a terrible thing to do to someone on TV for everyone else to see. I’m done with b2st and it’s shitty, racist, hideous and untalented fucks for members, the only ones worth my time are hyunseung and dongwoon (even though DW doesn’t really do anything except look pretty???? lmao. it’s a good thing he doesn’t do anything I guess, he can keep his pretty mouth shut and not humiliate himself like the rest of his bandmates). DONE WITH B2ST DONE WITH KPOP CAN’T BE DEALING WITH THESE KIND OF PEOPLE. NOPE.

If this really happened I think he should publicly apologize.. I don’t give a fuck who the idol is, this is downright unacceptable. 

You’d think being the goddamn leader and all, he’d at least have the fucking integrity and brains to NOT show that shit in public. Like wtf, yo. Pretty sure lots of people would react that way but no need to be rude as hell and air it out like that. Disappointed and disgusted at his actions as both a public image and person.

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    Yang yo seop didn’t say asshole!! He is Korean singer. He said “가서쉬어” in Korean language. ‘가서 쉬어’ means ‘Go home and...
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    I think this is way blown out of praportion. I agree he shouldn’t have been an ass about it but let’s be honest how many...
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    poor girl…. taejin(the MC) and doojoon MUST apologize.
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